Beauty : one of the best ways to enhance facial beauty and restore skin tone is though an integrate system of pressure points, breathing and facial exercises

Both Breathing exercises and acupressure relax muscular tension and balance the vital life force of the body.

Acupressure uses gentle to firm finger pressure on key acupuncture points.

The chinese have used acupressure to enhance physical fitness and beauty for thousands of years.

Acupressure works directly on the life forces or energy of the body, The varied names —prana, ki and chi — refer to the same network of energy.

Here you can learn the best in the vital energy science, we provide the following service in training and treatment:

Instant pain relief (SU-Jok)

Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination technique (NAET)

Foot Massage Technique (Reflexology)

Shiatsu Technique

Gynecological treatment by Acupressure

Herbal therapy

Treatment by diet food

Fasting therapy technique

Feng Shui therapy

Massage Therapy technique

Fitness and Beauty technique

Pranic Healing Technique

Reiki Healing Technique

Healing by Sound Technique

Acupuncture Therapy Technique

Cupping Therapy Technique

Yoga Therapy Technique

Human Developments

Pranic Healing

What is the Bio-energy (Vital energy):

Bio Energy (Vital Energy) is a natural way for therapy to promote and provide healing and wellness

Vital Energy can heal whole body, can increase the energy and speed up the healing

Vital Energy Therapy is based on traditional Chinese medicine with the focus on human body energy fields. It is totally natural and safe

Vital Energy works based on finding the blockage in your body, the treatment is designed to help your energy flow, which in turn allows your own body to heal itself.

Vital energy therapy helps your body regain its energy balance

What Vital Energy Therapy can heal?--General health improvement Arthritis, Asthma, Eczema, Sinus, Stress, Irritable Bowel syndrome, Menopause, syndrome..

What Vital Energy Therapy can heal?-- Swollen ankles and legs, Migraine/Headache, Tennis elbow, Prostate problems, Stomach ache, Indigestion, Insomnia, Sport and other injuries, and more...